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Care Services

We provide multi-faceted support including enabling, short breaks, day and evening activities and accommodation.

Enabling services are provided for the purpose of developing or sustaining a person’s capacity to
live independently. This will include:

  • Setting up and maintaining the home or tenancy
  • Finding accommodation
  • Developing, maintaining or re-gaining domestic and/or life skills eg cleaning and shopping etc
  • Managing finances, claiming benefits and paying bills
  • Establishing personal safety and security including help with neighbour disputes
  • Advice on avoiding or minimising hazards and danger
  • Advice on arranging repairs to the home and of domestic equipment
  • Assisting development of social skills and techniques for behaviour management
  • Assisting in the establishment of social contacts and contact with relatives as desired
  • Assisting involvement in social activities and access to community organisations
  • Assisting access to training opportunities, work experience opportunities or employment
  • Providing advice, advocacy, emotional support, peer support and befriending
  • Monitoring health and well-being and the use of medication
  • Accompanying to medical and other appointments

Our support packages are creative and tailored to meet the individual’s needs.

Every service user has a ‘person-centred plan/care plan’ which they write themselves.

We aim to increase independence, build confidence, and move service users to the point of self-actualisation.

We are also able to provide short breaks for families, carers and individuals with special needs.

Domestic Skills


Lydia House, 140 Cowick Street, St Thomas, Exeter, Devon EX4 1HS, Telephone : 01392 270227, email:

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