We believe that providing secure and affordable accommodation is crucial when it comes to assisting independence and enhancing quality of life. Passmore Care provides quality housing solutions that are tailored to individual needs and preferences, ensuring everyone has a safe and comfortable place to call home.

Secure and affordable accommodation

At Passmore Care Services, we acknowledge the importance of secure and affordable accommodation in maintaining independence and enhancing the quality of life. We work closely with the local authority and our clients to offer a variety of accommodation options tailored to individual needs and preferences.

Providing Secure Tenancies

We recognise that accommodation options can be limited and unstable, which is why we proudly offer secure tenancies to our clients. This provides peace of mind and the assurance of a stable and safe home. Our team collaborates with commissioners and clients to identify suitable properties, continually providing support to ensure our accommodation options adapt to our clients’ evolving needs.

No-Deposit Accommodation Options

One significant barrier to securing accommodation is the upfront deposit cost. At Passmore Care, we understand the challenges many clients face, which is why we typically offer no-deposit accommodation options. This approach allows our clients to move into their new home without worrying about sourcing deposit funds.

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Support with claiming housing costs

Navigating the complex world of benefits can be difficult. With many years of experience Passmore Care assists its tenants to claim housing costs such as housing benefit, ensuring clients can access the financial support necessary to obtain and maintain their accommodation.

Assistance with household bills

In addition to claiming housing costs, we provide guidance and support with paying household bills and managing finances. This is beneficial for clients who may struggle with financial management independently, offering peace of mind and the security of knowing bills are paid on time.

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