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Discover the inspiring journey of Passmore Care, from its humble beginnings to its evolution as a reputable and trusted care and support provider. Learn about the origins of our business and the core commitment to delivering high-quality care and support that continues to drive us forward.

Passmore Care Services is a family owned business, and this is the story of how we came to be.

Janice Passmore’s life experiences together with years of working in the care sector provided her with the vision and heart to help others. Janice has a strong desire to support and build trusting relationships with vulnerable adults to a high standard and in a safe environment.

Having worked in the financial sector, in particular, tax, accountancy and insurance for many years, Neil Passmore found a way to combine his own skills and experience to join with Janice in supporting vulnerable adults, and in 2004, Neil and Janice co-founded Passmore Care Services.

From supporting one lady over the course of a weekend, once established in 2004, Passmore Care’s growth in the early years was steady and organic. As time passed, client numbers increased, a staff team formed and our reputation as a provider of high-quality care and support began and grew. Passmore Care also started to provide accommodation for its clients as we found this was both a necessary and desirable part of providing an overall package of care.

Passmore Care’s original logo signified the heart of our service, with 2 people holding the hands of another and walking together. As the business grew, we had to move out of our home base and Passmore Care leased its first office, Lydia House, in 2008. This was also a hub in the local community of St Thomas and worked well as a base from which to support Passmore Care’s growing number of clients. Purple was chosen as the company colour being linked to the name Lydia – the name of Jan’s first child, who so unfortunately passed away at just 6 months old.

After a further 12 years of increasing client numbers and with a significantly larger staff team, we had outgrown Lydia House in every way possible and at the end of 2021, we took the big decision to move to a much larger, purpose-built office in Marsh Barton. We also took the opportunity to re-brand ourselves with a new logo reflecting Passmore Care’s modern identity.

Although Passmore Care has grown and changed over the last 20 years, we are proud of our story and journey and remain routed to our core values since our founding of providing high-quality care and support with compassion and remain driven by the desire to always do more for those who need support and understanding.

Neil and Janice sitting next to an award togetherNeil and Janice standing together

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